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Boomer's Out of School Room



Our ‘Boomers’ out of school club caters for children of school age approximately 5-14 years with a  friendly, happy and relaxed atmosphere, in  a cosy environment. We aim to help all children feel welcome, secure and safe. Boomers club is a home from home.

We provide healthy eating from our nursery 4 week rotational menus and snacks and promote awareness of environmental issues, knowledge and understanding of the world and equal opportunities.

We develop and promote the importance of re-cycling within Boomerangs. Children are encouraged to bring washed items such as yoghurt / food pots and cardboard boxes which can be used for our junk model archives.


Breakfast Club

Children choose their own breakfast and can enjoy socialising with other children and adults.

Our designated members of staff walk safely escortping our children to school with a first aid kit and emergency telephone, in case of emergencies.

We actively encourage communication to develop all children’s confidence and self-assurance.

Activities are chosen by the children. At Boomerangs the children are very much in the decision-making role in the club. We know the importance of involving the children in all aspects of the setting, from drawing up the rules to deciding where their pictures are to be displayed.


After School Club

Our designated members of staff walk to collect our children from school with a first aid kit and emergency telephone in case of emergencies.

We promote road safety whilst crossing roads and discuss other issues such as stranger awareness on route to and from school.

Once back at Boomerangs we have a freshly prepared tea every evening, and like at breakfast time this is a social time when children like to talk about their day. Here children also have chance to interact with other children in the setting.

After tea children can partake in any activity they wish. This is a time where children can do their homework, read or relax in our quiet corner.

We like to do music activities, dancing and singing and sometimes these activities will also include younger children from the pre-school to further enhance social skills and enjoyment.

  • Staff to child ratio 1:8
  • Caters for 16 children
  • Mini kitchen
  • Adjoining toilets
  • Range of toys, games and activities
  • Free choice play
  • Structures activities that are flexible to meet individual needs
  • 4 week rotating nutritional , freshly prepared tea
  • Outdoor secure garden

Boomerangs provide a collection service from school to the after school club for the following schools:

Newhall Infant and Nursery School

Newhall Community Junior School

William Allitt Secondary School

St. Edwards Primary School.

Elmsleigh Infant and Nursery School.


We regularly receive requests from parents, to collect and/or drop off children at local nursery classes at lunch time. Although this service was on offer previously, unfortunately due a change in local school nursery start, finish and lunch times, we have had to stop this service, However, we will work with parents and look at others options while we are unable  to recommence this service.

Nursery funding can be used at Boomerangs Day Nursery or local School Nursery, so children can stay at Boomerangs Day Nursery until they start Full Time school,  if parents are working and timings un lunch time cover is difficult! 

Please keep us informed of your needs.


Our 'Out of School Club' is particularly busy at the moment, so if you require a Breafast Club or After School Club place for your child, please contact us as soon as possible, to ensure we have availability! 


Quality Childcare in Newhall

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