Government Funded places

The term after your child’s 3rd birthday, they will be eligible for the universal 570 hours of funded education, which we can offer as fixed ‘NIL COST’ sessions, during the 38 Term Time weeks, or flexibly as an enhanced stretched offer of 570 hours over 50 weeks by accessing an ‘enhanced offer’ nursery session of your choice.

We offer a large variety of ‘Enhanced Offer’ nursery sessions that parents can choose to access, over and above the basic government funded provision. The additional charge for these sessions, therefore covers additional services, equipment, crafts and resources used for gifts that children prepare to take home i.e. Mother’s or Father’s day, and other specific activities that the nursery buys in specifically for children. These sessions are fully inclusive of snacks and meals throughout the session of choice.

Parents are not obliged to take up ‘Enhanced Offer’ sessions with additional hours and services and can access funded only ‘NIL COST’ sessions.

A further 570 hours of extended entitlement childcare for eligible families became available from September 2017, giving these eligible children 1140 hours a year.

The eligibility criteria for this is on the governments website. It is the parents responsibility to check their eligibility through HMRC ad they must provide an eligibility code to ourselves for checking with the local authority to verify the code, prior to being able to take up the extended offer. The extended stretched entitlement is offered as 22.8 hours over 50 weeks of the year.

Children may access some or all of their funded entitlement with us. Children attending 2 settings, can split their entitlement 15/30 between the two settings.

NIL COST Sessions.

08.30am – 11.30am    (3 hours)

12.30pm – 3.30pm      (3 hours)

9.00am – 3.00pm        (6 hours – 30 hours Entitlement)

NIL COST places and ‘Enhanced Offer’ places are listed in our Admissions Policy and Fee list and Handbook. Please enquire for details.