Pinkies Baby Room

BABY BARGAINS………book extra sessions for your baby during the Summer Term 2019 and gain discounts up until the end of September 2019.

Our baby room (Pinkies) provides for babies from birth to 18 months approximately and is very homely, bright and cheerful. The staff provide lots of love and laughter, as you would expect in your own home.

  • Staff to child ratio 1:3
  • Caters for 9 babies
  • Sleep area
  • Daily summary book/diary of child’s routine, activities and care provided for parents
  • Range of brightly coloured, age related toys, activities and mobiles etc. to give stimulation helping your child progress
  • Early Year Foundation Stage ‘Every Child Matters’ guidelines followed
  • Key person system
  • Bottled milk provided by parents, and/or our 4 week rotating nutritional, freshly prepared menu and snacks
  • Outdoor secure garden
  • Regular walks

A ‘Baby Brain’ project was carried out within our baby room, to study and advance the learning and development of our babies.