Skippy’s Pre-school Room

Our pre-school room (Skippy’s) caters for children from 3 years – 4 years 11 months and is homely and comforting, yet bright and spacious. The staff provide lots of opportunities for learning through varied activities i.e threading, cutting, painting, drawing etc…., which supports children in developing at their own pace.

Observations are carried out on each child and individual learning planned to enable your child to achieve targets and nurture them through the Early Years Foundation Stage. (Updated Sept 2021)

By means of developmentally appropriate play activities and a high level of adult input, we offer a curriculum, which enables children to progress towards early learning goals and prepares them for commencing Primary school.

The curriculum covers 7 areas of Learning and development for your child as follows:

Children should mostly develop the 3 Prime areas first.. these are:

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help them develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:

These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. Our professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. This is a bit like a curriculum in primary and secondary schools, but it’s suitable for very young children, and is designed to be really flexible to that staff can follow your child’s unique needs and interests.

We provide our pre-school children with a large selection of suitable indoor and outdoor equipment, toys and books giving vast learning opportunities providing stimulation for all aspects of your child’s development and they will have great fun learning through play.